There are no bigger victims of the II World War than Jews. Because of the Holocaust, the global Jewish population has decreased by one third. In total, two third of the European Jews has been exterminated but if it comes to the Poland, the loss is even more horrifiying.

At the end of inter-war period in Poland there were more than three million registered Jews. Officially the Holocaust has been survived onlyby few thousands. Most of them have emigrated to Israel in the course of the Soviet anti-Semitic campaigns.

According to a survey from 2011, only 7 508 Poles have declared themselves as ones with Jewish nationality. Compared to a survey from 2002, there were only 1133. It means a growth by more that 700%. This is a true Renaissance of Jewishness that must be further supported.

Finding a place

However, the Holocaust was not only a loss in the people lives. We should not focuse solely on the heritage that has been stolen but mainly about a living monuments of Jewish culture and religion in Poland.

The most painful lose was the destruction of the Great Synagogue of Warsaw by Nazi Germany. The destruction has been made simultaneously with another place that was really important for Poles - the Saski Palace. It was destroyed during the course of the Second World War. Destroyed by Germans and never rebuilt.

The official stance of German government is that they have already signed an agreement with the Communist Poland and all the loses have been compensated but anyone that is visiting a Warsaw can see with his own eyes an empty spaces left in places of these two great buildings.

The Germans cannot compensate the great losses in people lives but should definitely feel obliged to rebuild these two symbolic buildings, as well as a community their fathers have destroyed. This is not a matter of any agreement, just a moral obligation.

If, like us, You want to see a further revival of the Jewish culture and religion in Poland and you agree that Germans should be fully responsible for that, please join us and sign the petition!